Julian Kilker

My research focuses on the intersection of social interaction, technology, and design,
particularly in relation to communication resources.
See my academic site at UNLV.

My most recent work explores digital imaging under extreme conditions; my subject matter is decaying cultural artifacts in the Mojave Desert at night.
See examples of this work in different forms below.

julian.kilker @ gmail.com
Recent projects  
Annie and the Shaman "Annie and the Shaman" on tour, 2016. Listen to audio tracks here.
Aesthetic Evidence flight path "Aesthetic Evidence," Winter 2015, exploring visual evidence and data analysis. Sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Comment here!
Annie and the Shaman Basin and Range exhibit at UNLV's Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, Summer 2015, on the occasion of President Obama designating Basin & Range a national monument.
Vegas Seven magazine spread Peer-reviewed article "Visualizing What Happened Near Vegas: Experiences in Photographing a Public History Project" in The Public Historian 36(3).
Vegas Seven magazine spread "American Safari" in the On Great Drives issue of Vegas Seven magazine, Fall 2014.
Vegas Seven magazine spread Several photos in Walking Box Ranch booklet by the Public Lands Institute, Spring 2014.
My Nevada 5 photo essay My Nevada 5 photo essay published on the occasion of Nevada's 150th anniversary, Spring 2014.
Vegas Seven magazine spread Twelve-page photo and text spread in the On The Road issue of Vegas Seven magazine, Fall 2013. (Placed 3rd, NV Press Assoc's 2014 Photo Essay Contest.)
"Deadly or Barren"

"Seeing another way: Night photography, the Mojave, and the exploration of technology" University of Nevada Forum Lecture, Spring 2013.

"Deadly or Barren"

Peer-reviewed article "Deadly and Barren, or Beautiful and Fragile? Exploring the Nighttime Mojave Desert" in Visual Communication Quarterly 19

Barn in the night Grant project "Documenting Mojave Cultural Artifacts Using Night/Low Light Techniques" at Walking Box Ranch, former home of Clara Bow and Rex Bell.
Car in desert

"Time in the Mojave"
xhibit at Cité du Temps
Geneva, Switzerland

(See information about the Mojave Preserve.)

House and tree in desert

"Lost Places in the Mojave"
xhibit at Barrick Museum
University of Nevada

Desert lake "Mojave after Sunset"
Exhibit supported by the U.S. National Park Service at Kelso Depot, Mojave Preserve, California